For accessing the admin page of router enter in your URL bar.

Tip to login ?

You need to follow below mentioned steps to login at Router with the IP address.

  • Visit or
  • This login page will also appear and will ask to enter the username & password both as ” admin “
  • Enter given username & password in mentioned fields.
  • Now you will get the access to Admin Panel of the router

What is IP address ? is basically the Private IP address which is used as default IP address on the Netgear router & D-Link. When there is other router on similarlocal network with similar default IP address, the IP address may be change through control panel of the router.

Why many routers use IP address as default address?

Here, answer is quite simple, IP address is absolutely non-routable address, though Private IP address is never assigned to organization & does that never need to get assigned by ISP or Internet service provider.

Also, there is also some opinion about IP addresses getting routed, as Private IP addresses get specific addresses, which is not publicly routed on Internet. However, but routed through the NAT gateway and proxy server prior to being connected to Internet.

How to change in IP address of router?

The default IP address of gateway is mainly pre-specified by the internet service provider. Moreover, user may also configure as per the needs. This is usually changed to prevent some bad guys from simply accessing the admin dashboard and also prevent attacks of DDoS, or add additional safety layer.


  • You need to Login to the panel of default admin at or
  • Click on Advanced Settings > Network > LAN.
  • Click on field of “IP Address”, you may then change it to the desired address like
  • You can Save it & router will easily reboot for applying required changes.


  • You need to Login at router configuration page
  • Click on Setup > Network Settings.
  • Now you willget fields on Router IP Address.
  • Then you can change it as per preference with Save Settings.

Search for the Router IP Address

When you enter the in the browser and does not get to login page of the router’s. Moreover, how can will find out the address used by router. These are easy and quick ways to figure this out.Initially, many of the routers have the sticker with default IP address, password and username. You may even find the similar set of the information in user manual.

Was this problem solved?

You should now know about This is quite easy when you understand key reason behind this as you may still feel little technical. However, the modern routers even offer different ways for accessing the settings, quite commonly a smartphone app which may do all complicated stuff in background. Hence, you need to be assured to check if the router has most compatible app!

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