A private IP address used to access a router’s control panel is The default gateway address, which is pre-specified by the router manufacturers, is 192.168.l.l. It can be used to adjust many router settings.

To visit the admin page of router, you just need to type your ip address into your browser’s address bar or you can click the below mentioned link. Admin

How can I access the IP

To connect to your Router with follow these simple
  • A login screen will open, requesting your login “admin” & password “admin.”
  • Fill in the login name & password in the appropriate areas.
  • Now, you will without a problem access the Admin Panel of your router.

What is IP address

IP is your private IP address, which particular devices linked to the specific network will also utilize to transmit request of data over the net. LAN IP, Intranet IP, and Private Network IP are all terms for the same thing.

Get your IP address

Though the is a prevalent private address, it could not be yours. In case is indeed not your IP, you may look up your device online to find out what its default IP address is. The IP might also be given in the documentation for your router. If those approaches fail, you can try using a computer to determine your IP.

When you have Microsoft Windows on your desktop system:

  • Find the network icon in the lower right corner of your desktop screen.
  • Once the menu appears, you can pick the Wi-Fistrong connection that you utilize for internet connection.
  • Choosing a Wi-Fistrong network > can provide you with a variety of data. IPv4 will be one of them, with a string of digits next to it that resembles like strong>. Your IPs are represented by these figures.

When your machine runs Mac OS X,

  • You can visit the Apple menu.
  • Select the option of system preferences.
  • Pick the network from which you can access the internet.
  • You should see >your IP strong> mentioned next to the phrase router.

Your IP address would only change if you update it. If the IP address of your router does not equal to or any other of the default IPs, it is likely that it was modified before. If this is the only case, and you’d like to restore defaults, you can do factory reset, albeit it will reset all the settings of router.

More on Details:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Default_gateway

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