is a pre assigned IP address to change the wifi password, SSID and default router setting to make the username and password according to yourself at it is pre assigned by many router companies like Arris,Aztech,Cisco,I Connect,Intelbras,Rf Net.Smc,Technicolor etc

You need to enter the page of in Brouwser URL bar to access the admin for router.

Tips to login in10. ?

You need to Follow the below mentioned simple steps for logging at the Router with mentioning IP address .

  • You can open the web browser and click on the link
  • The login page will also appear asking to enter the username ” admin ” along with password ” admin “.
  • After this enter username & password in specified fields.

Now you will be able to login at the Admin Panel of the router.

What does the IP address means? is basically the local and the private IP address. The port is mainly the address of router which gets connected to the computer devices and the network will use it for sending the data over internet.

It may even be referred as LAN IP, private network IP and intranet IP.The router even has public IP address which is used through ISP and the website that you visit. For getting information of website that you visit, to the router while sending the data, back to the computer screen, through private IP address.

Search for the IP address

The IP address is quite common and private IP address, even though it might not be yours. When this is not given IP address, you may search for the online router model, which may simply reveal the default IP address of the router.

If Microsoft Windows is running on your System:

  • You need to click on network icon at bottom right of the screen.
  • When the menu box will open, choose >Wi-Fistrong network>that you generally use for internet.
  • Choosing the Wi-Fistrong network >this will offer much information such as IPv4, which will offer you the string of numbers>looks something like> this is your IP address.

If Mac OS X is running on your system:

  • Click on Apple menu
  • Choose preferences for option titled system
  • Select network that you use for accessing internet
  • You will see >your IP strong> listed just next to router mentioned there

Private IP address can only change if you will change it. In case the IP address of your router does not match other default IP addresses. This is possible that someone has changed it prior to this.

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