is a pre assigned IP address to change the wifi password, SSID and default router setting to make the username and password according to yourself at it is pre assigned by many router companies like Tp-Link, D-Link, Comfast etc

Note:-To reach the router access panel, type into your browser’s address bar or you can click on the link below. Admin Admin

Default Username and Password List 

IP AddressUsernamePassword'randomly generated'admin

How can I access

To access your Router with the IP address, simply follow these simple steps.

  • A login window will popup, requesting your unique login ID, which is ” admin ” and unique password, which is also ” admin “.
  • Fill up the required boxes with your password and username.
  • You now will access the Admin Panel of your router.

Note:- You can try other ip address if this ip not works for your network like,, etc

What is is your private address which computers that network-connected will also utilize to transmit data requests out over internet. Your router has a special or can say unique public IP address as well as LAN IP, Intranet IP, and Private Network IP addresses.

Your Internet provider and any webpage you visit utilise the public Internet Protocol address to obtain information from the database you visit and transmit it to your particular router, which then sends that information back to your screen through IP address.

Find your IP address

Even though is a typical private IP, it could not be yours. Since it isn’t really your IP, you could look up your router brand online or back of your router modem to find out what its standard IP address is. The IP address could also be given in the documentation for your specific router. If such approaches fail, you can utilize a laptop to determine your IP.

If you are running Microsoft Windows on your PC:

  • Tap the connection symbol in the lower right corner of your computer screen.
  • Whenever the option appears, choose the Wi-Fi strong network that you are using to access the internet.
  • Choosing the network will give you a wealth of information. IPv4 will be among them, with a string of digits next to it that appears like Your IPs represented by these figures.

If you’re running Mac OS X on your PC,

  • Launch the Apple submenu.
  • Select the option of System Preferences.
  • Select the network from which you connect to the web.
  • You should have seen >your IP strong> displayed alongside the phrase router.

Your IP will only change when you update it. If somehow the IP address of your specific router does not resemble or any of the other standard IP, it is likely that it was modified previously. When this is only case, and you wish to restore defaults, you can perform the option of factory reset on your router, albeit this will also reset every other component of the router.To Receover router username and password you can visit here.

forgot router password for

  • Launch any web browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc and type in the address bar and hit enter key on your keyboard. It will take you to the router admin panel login page where it will prompt for username as well as router password credentials
  • If you are trying to access the IP address for the first time then you should use default username and password given by your ISP or Router Manufacturer which can be found at the bottom of your router or inside its package box or manual book which came with it while purchasing that device
  • In case if you have forgotten your router’s username and default password then you can go for factory reset option to set it back to default . To do so, you will have to press and hold the Reset button of your router device till its Light starts blinking or LED turns red
  • After successful completion of this process all previously configured settings on your router including username and password credentials will be automatically changed to their Default values given by Router Manufacturer. So now you can log in using new default values and configure your router as per your preferences.
  • In case if you still face trouble accessing IP address then please contact your ISP/Router manufacturer for further assistance or either check your ethernet cable if it is properly attached or connected.